About us

Located in Brighton Colorado, Happy Dog Nutrition is a small family owned business offering only high quality dog supplements that we give to our own dogs. Our supplements are manufactured in an FDA approved USA facility suitable for human grade supplements

We are the proud parents to 4 dogs of our own, Tank, Glen, Mia and Dexter

Tank - German Shorthaired Pointer - 11yrs old

Glen - English Labrador - 6yrs old

Mia - American Labrador - 5yrs old

Dexter - Newfoundland - 3yrs old

All of our dogs take our supplements daily and they have for many months before every making Happy Dog Nutrition a business. We started out selling RENEW Liquid Glucosamine on Amazon and managed hundreds of glowing reviews from satisfied customers and now we have opened our own online store to service our customers directly.

Our goal is to maintain the highest quality dog supplements with the caring attitude of a small business.